Wednesday, March 18, 2009

And this is what's for dinner

Part of my journey to living a somewhat more sustainable lifestyle has been to join the local West Michigan Coop. I can order grass fed poultry, beef, handmade organic cheese, locally roasted and freetrade coffee and fresh eggs...all raised by local farmers. I order online and then pick up my order on their "pickup day". It's so much fun, popular, and the items I buy are delicious! This is the kind of food my husband grew up on and we can really taste the differance. I also get to pick up my products from the very people who raised and processed the products. It's satisfying, and not that much more expensive.
My girlfriend Carla has taken this one step further. She milks her own cow and drinks raw milk. She raises (and has butchered!) her own broiler chickens and she gets her own fresh eggs from her little hens. This year, I went in with her on an order of hybrid Cornish X meat chickies. Soooo, last week our order came in and I got 25 of them! All is going well, they are growing fast, eating well and seem happy. I had them in the basement for a few days, but they eat so much and poop so much I made a nice brooder in the garage and I think they like it.
Carla says I won't have them long, just a few months until they reach a good size know.
I guess they are bred to grow so fast that sometimes their little legs cannot hold them up! Just like some plants are bred to have such big flowers they flop over on weak stems. Yikes!
Anyway, these are my meat chicks at two days old...still yellow. They are quickly turning white though!

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