Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Hey everyone,
This is Debby's daughter Sarah writing. I will try to write something "blog worthy." Since I don't garden it is a little hard to know what to write on this "farm" blog.

Ever since Ellie appeared in my life sustainable living took on a whole new meaning. Walking through the grocery store the most tempting foods are filled with corn syrup, GMO's and other nasty chemicals. Before Ellie I have always knew this things existed. Generally, my family has followed a strict chemical free-ish diet. For me Ellie and the other five girls really mixed things up.

For any new pet one must (hopefully) read up on that particular animal breed. The same with my little Ellie. All the reading has forced me to really think about my food. I mean REALLY think. Like paying closer attention to what is in my food.

I thought it would be fun or not so fun to walk around the grocery store and look at the GMO foods. There are aisles and aisles full of 'um! SICCKK! So that GMO food free diet of mine...includes eating the same thing every day. Mostly because there are/is not a large selection of whole foods. I will note that since the "green living" trend started, the organic line of stuff is getting bigger and better.

I watch the Biggest Loser. One contestant on BL quoted that the foods that are good for you...are expensive. That they are. But to me, and hopefully to you, spending money on whole foods is worth it. I want to see my children grow up. (Providing I have them...in the distant future.)

Another short thing:
The relationship America has with it's food. I am pretty sure America has more fast food places than any other nation...and we're the fattest. Many people argue this is due to being so wealthy. I say we are fat because we get a hamburger, eat it in the car while driving to our destination. Have we ever stopped to think about what we are about to eat? Eating around a table can help with this. We have prepared the food set before us, we chew it slowly, we are having a relaxed meal...and are simulated to think about our food (self consciously)

Ok, this blog entry is waaay off track. It was suppose to be about the fact that I am not going to rely on big box stores to make my clothing. And being all sustainable. And sewing my apron. Sorry! If you take anything away from this entry...it's this: farming maybe not be easy (at first), but the rewards are great. And GMo foods are nasty.

I love my little Ellie!

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