Monday, March 16, 2009

I know the nice weather we've been having (50+ degrees!!) has been teasing me. It's really hard NOT to start all my seeds in the basement yet or I'm going to have some really scraggly plants in April. I did find lots to do outside this weekend, including getting my peas in. Traditionally St Patty's day is a good time to get that done in my zone 5b and I was lucky enough to have some soil thawed out and dry. Almost ready to go in fact! I planted some "Little Marvel" peas which are English peas grown for their mature seed...they need to be shelled, and this week I will plant some snap peas as well. I started cleaning out the rest of my little kitchen garden, working on some paths and such. I worked so hard in fact I could barely dance a jig on Saturday night! (but I did manage)

Whilst ( is that a word?) I was working away on my garden my dear husband, without any nudging from me, decided our little hens needed a more proper living quarters when it's time to send them outside. He designed a nifty tractor/chicken coop and started scrounging around the barn to find wood to make it! I'm pretty excited about that. In a related note, our six little girls have moved into the kitchen area to be nearer their moms (Sarah and me, of course). I could tell they were much happier immediately, the basement was just too lonely. Sarah and I are happier as well. :)

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  1. How fun Deb. You are sure acting on your winter dreams. I will be checking this for progress reports. Terry k