Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's what's for breakfast...

Two days ago my daughter Sarah and I went to the local farm store to pick up six little chicks. We envision lovely hens following us around in the yard and sleeping in the little Swiss chalet playhouse that has been sitting empty for years. In 24 weeks we hope to have plenty of fresh organic eggs from our little girls. So far, so good!
Sarahs' little Isa Brown is named Ellie. The breed lays brown eggs and it's supposedly a calm and loving hen which makes a great pet.
I picked out two Buff Orpington chicks.. These little chickies will grow up to be a most beautiful golden color. They should be big girls (8 lbs!!) but they are a calm, docile and friendly breed. They will lay great big pinky brown eggs. They are named Daisy and Violet.
We also brought home two "Easter Eggers". They are a breed that does not have any tail feathers (they are rumpless), but they have tufts of feathers where their ears might be. Their eggs will be pale blue and green! How fun!. These girls are named Betsy and LuLu.
The last little chick we brought home is a Black Australorp named Addie. This chick will grow up to be a beautiful blackish violet hen. The breed is known for its prolific egg laying, and it is a tame, shy bird.
So, that's our new little family of hens! We are loving it already and can see the difference in personalities.

An Easter Egger Baby!

This is just the cutest picture of how these babies sleep! Just like a puppy all stretched out with their head on the ground! I never knew...

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