Saturday, April 11, 2009


This is kind of sad, but I will share it anyway....I have lived in this house for 26 years now and have never noticed the loud owls around here at night. I lay in bed and listen to them talk (hoot, hoot) back and forth and I think they are saying..."I found some dinner here in Burnips!" Of, course, I tuck my chickens safely away at night so there are no worries, just noticing the interaction between animals is quite mindblowing. Especially when you are laying in bed just listening. I just love animals.
I'm sure they have always been there, like the woodpeckers, but since I put my chicks outside and have read articles about owls and their love of chickens I've been hyper aware. It's just sad I never have noticed before.
I need to be more attentive. It's quite a beautiful sound.

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  1. What a wonderful chicken coop. I bet you would sleep better at night if you placed some screening over the top. I'm itching to get planting more in my vegi garden too--. It is has been cold here as well-but should warm up tomorrow.
    terry k