Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Seeds Up!

Oh, finally good weather, sunny day. I have all my seeds planted now indoors and many of them are popping up...I can't tell you how exciting this is. I check two times a day and try not to poke around in the soil looking for them! Lots of flowers for my big empty cutting flower bed. And some veggies cause we like them.

The chickens are all out in their houses now, though that has been hard with the cold weather. Heating lamps have kept them warm, but its been a struggle. On warm days (above 50 degrees) I let them much fun watching the dogs interact with them. Mike built this cool little chicken coop for the hens, I still keep a heat lamp in the coop part, and the coop stays next to the house so I can peak at them all the time.

April is a tricky month around here. On warm days I am ready to get the yard all cleaned up, but then the next day there can be snow. It just feels like I have so much I want to do outside before planting time!

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