Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring, maybe??

Today was clean up the yard day. I have kind of a big yard, maybe two acres, and I really don't fuss too much about most of it, except for around the house. There is just nothing like fresh sharp edging and new mulch in the spring. Today I rounded up my daughter to help me throw some bark..we did two yards, which is a good start AND a good feeling. I'm teaching Sarah how to do yard work, since I never really taught her about indoor domesticity.

There is something about some dogs that just make them seem so noble all the time, our old golden retriever is one of those dogs...(not, unfortunately my little Shitzu Gracie). No matter what Cinny does, she looks likes she's posing for a picture. Here she is cooling herself down in the nice pachysandra. Always near!
I used to spend a bit of time chasing her out of there, but in my old age and her old age we've come to an agreement, and the agreement is she can go there whenever she wants. Its just....pachysandra.


  1. One would like Gracie would learn from her big sister about being noble/smart. I guess that only comes with time.
    Since I am on a roll personifying animals...I may have to give Ellie a little chat about running away. I slept a total of three hours last night.

  2. Looking good girls!! Go yard, dogs, vegie garden, and chickens>>>>