Thursday, April 16, 2009

Strawberry Toenails

Some interesting things I am learning about chickens! They have so much personality...OK, so I've been feeding the little hens strawberries and grapes throughout the day, you know, just to bond and such. Well, tonight I went out there in my jammies and bare feet and the chickens thought my red toenails were strawberries! They were so excited...tickling my toes with little pecks. Here's a picture of them eating Mikes leftovers...spanish rice, strawberries, and broccoli.
Mike says I shouldn't go out to the chickens in bare feet, but, well, stuff happens..
Here's another interesting thing. My frankenchickens would NOT leave the barn! They just sit there. The weather has been so nice so I put their food outside to lure them and out they went. All day they wandered maybe, oh ten feet or so. I waited for them to go back into the barn at night, to, you know, roost, but they wouldn't. Outside I went (in my jammies ) and had to carry each one of the lazy suckers back into the protection of the barn.
Carla told me when it gets dark the chickens will not move...they just lay there. Tonight I went out there earlier, when it was still light and told them to go into the barn and they just went in!

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