Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Weekend = Planting Time!

Oh, a lovely cloudy day today...a perfect time to get the tomatoes in, the flowers I had started in the basement, basil, lavender. It's starting to look like a garden! I need a few more tomato cages, but all looks good.

This weekend I will start to plant seeds directly into the beans, squash, cucumbers, and eggplant and lots of flower seeds. I'll plant a few annuals as well, thinking ahead to a outdoor get togethers this summer.

I hit paydirt today at a barn sale. I'll post pictures tomorrow! I'm pretty geeked about it.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Get to Work Deb!

Uhg, I feel like I am way behind in all my spring planting and such! Weddings, lawn care, weddings, housework and bookkeeping work at Mobile Wrench and weddings. Oh my.

Looks like good weather for the weekend, so I better stay focused!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Last Wednesday was processing day for our chickens. This was such a learning experience for me, and although it was hard, I'm going to start over and do it again. The chickens had a good life, were well cared for and happy, and I think that's Gods intentions for them!
First, I loaded them into Mikes pickup...easier than I thought, they were willing to be caught? Dumb Chickens.
I drove them over to Carla's house, as she had 25 chickens to be processed as well. Brian, a 35 year old from Ada (and quite a character) was there with his portable processor. This included cones, a stainless steel table, a feather-getter-offer and a propane fueled barrel of hot water. Carla was well into getting her chickens killed and cleaned.
I did shed a tear when it was my turn, and I felt faint all day, but I am committed to this...I'd much rather eat my happy chickens than those raised in a small cage. I helped as best I could, but I'm sure next time around will be easier? Maybe? Home I went with 22 cleaned and fat chickens and I was quite tickled.
Mike was excited and had Sarah run and get a rotisserie attachment for the was delicious and tonight we are having soup! I'll do it again.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Are You Ready for some Football??

That's what I think every time I walk out to visit the frankenchickens and I call to them. They charge at me with their fat little bodies waddling, it's hard not to laugh. (Sorry chickens). Since I've put them on a diet two weeks ago they seem much happier...they peck at the ground and wander around like a good chicken should, but, alas, they only have six more days till, you know.
I've learned a lot about raising these meat chickens, and I'm eager to do it again. The biggest lesson is...restrict their diet! I've lost two chickens to heart attacks and one chicken (Hank) lost the use of his legs as they could not support his body. I keep him in the garage in the "infirmagatory"...which is half infirmary and half pergatory.

On another note. I have been thinking about paths in my yard for some time. When I look out my kitchen window I just see grass, grass, and more grass and I feel like it needs to be broken up. With that in mind, here is a before picture and I will post an after picture in, oh, maybe a week?? Hopefully?? I have it all planned out...

And, I took an updated picture of the lovely chicken tractor my hubby built. Now it has wheels, and he put a removeable pipe in the front to move it around. He's pretty clever. I'm decorating it with "fresh egg" signs.