Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Last Wednesday was processing day for our chickens. This was such a learning experience for me, and although it was hard, I'm going to start over and do it again. The chickens had a good life, were well cared for and happy, and I think that's Gods intentions for them!
First, I loaded them into Mikes pickup...easier than I thought, they were willing to be caught? Dumb Chickens.
I drove them over to Carla's house, as she had 25 chickens to be processed as well. Brian, a 35 year old from Ada (and quite a character) was there with his portable processor. This included cones, a stainless steel table, a feather-getter-offer and a propane fueled barrel of hot water. Carla was well into getting her chickens killed and cleaned.
I did shed a tear when it was my turn, and I felt faint all day, but I am committed to this...I'd much rather eat my happy chickens than those raised in a small cage. I helped as best I could, but I'm sure next time around will be easier? Maybe? Home I went with 22 cleaned and fat chickens and I was quite tickled.
Mike was excited and had Sarah run and get a rotisserie attachment for the was delicious and tonight we are having soup! I'll do it again.


  1. Sounds like quite an adventure Deb. Did you actually gut and feather them yourself?

  2. Brian is a friend of ours :)

  3. Wow bbmarie! We just thought he was great!