Thursday, June 4, 2009

First Harvest

Today I worked most of the afternoon in the garden. The weather was perfect...70 degrees and sunny! For a reward I was able to harvest my first bunch of leaf lettuce...which we will eat for dinner. I think I will grill some steak and slice it thin to serve atop the "red sails" leaf lettuce. I picked some basil and used it in a vinaigrette to be served as a dressing. How satisfying.

As I was working outside I was thinking about a lovely brunch we had with friends this past weekend in Chicago. Barb and Jim served a great meal (with mimosas!!) outside on their pergola covered deck. It was delightful. I didn't look at the yard and garden and think of things that needed to be done. I wish I could just relax enjoy my own yard and garden as much as I enjoy the gardens of others. I think I need to often remind myself that for me gardening is a verb, as opposed to being a noun. Anyone (with more money than me) can hire a garden designer or a gardener and they can have a "garden". I like to garden, as in "work in the garden" so I should be able to relax and enjoy the process which has no end. Instead of always seeing what needs to be done I should remind myself that the process is what I enjoy the most...I don't "have" to do anything if I don't want.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ying and Yang

Beautiful bright orange I don't know where they would fit in my garden so I grow them by the vegetables. So gorgeous, aren't they? This is my ying today!

But alas (and alack) this is my yang. The rabbits ate every leaf off of every little sunflower that I have planted. These were special flowers that I raised from little seeds in my basement. They were bred especially for cut flower bouquets and I am just a little saddened by this. That, and the fact that I have to fence in the whole flower garden now. Yuck.