Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Cool Wet Summer

I can see from the window in front of my computer sunflowers swaying in the breeze, dew on the unusually green grass (it's been wet) and a peek of red tomatoes waiting to be picked. I feel very fortunate this morning to have a bit of property on which to indulge myself in various hobbies.
Of all the puttering around my yard this year, I would have to say growing cut flowers has been the most satisfying. Perhaps living in the country and having so many fresh vegetables available to me has me wondering why I put forth the effort with my small kitchen garden. I do so love the social aspect of a farmers market even more than I enjoy the satisfaction of going out to my garden to harvest a green pepper that I myself have grown. Next year, it's all flowers.

Some of the flowers I planted from seed were disappointingly mislabeled. I've found that to be the case several times, especially when I buy my seeds at the big box stores. A Zinnia variety I planted for cutting turned out to be a perfect bedding variety, short and stubby. All the varieties of Sunflowers I have planted have been just a joy, they have a long vase life, stiff stems, and go well with any other flower!

The biggest bang for the buck most certainly comes from the Oriental Lilies I wrote about earlier. I will definitely plant more of them.

Giving a bouquet of fresh, field grown flowers to friends is such a good year I'll take better notes and enlarge that garden!


  1. Way to go Deb...I'm jealous

    Brother Doug

  2. So lovely Deb. I wish we were geographically closer to be able to share our love for gardening as well as adventures.