Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm Back!

...and it feels so good!
It's been a busy and exciting few months around here as both my daughters were married. I put much of my life on hold just so I could totally enjoy the time, and it was SUCH a good time! Mike and I now have two wonderful sons and we couldn't be happier.
But now, please indulge me while I go on (and on) about my chickens. They have grown into little women while I was off doing other things, and boy are they beautiful. They are all laying eggs now, and although a chicken farmer would laugh at me, I find it just amazing..and I have a neat little thing going on in my garage now.
Of course, Ellie was first to lay an egg. She did it in my wheelbarrow in the garage while I was working in the garden. Ellie is first at everything. First to get out of her baby chick cage and roam the house, first to dare to peck at my dog Gracie, first to try a green bean.
I was quite excited she wanted to lay an egg right by me, but I didn't want her following me around with my wheelbarrow so I put a big rubbermaid storage box in my garage with some cedar shavings, about one step from my back door, and this is where they are now laying!! Perfect! I have five eggs by 10 am every morning. Henny likes to lay her egg in her little coop like a good chicken.
This is what is looks like in the morning. One laying, one waiting and Cinnamon there for decoration. It's ingenious if I say so myself.

So, Bingo...this is what we get! THREE double yokers...that's a lot of protein! Thanks girls..

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  1. I wish I could train my hens to deliver fresh eggs at my doorstep every morning! And double yolk's too.

    And there lies sweet Cinnamon.