Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Such a Sweet Smell

Last year about this time I stopped at my favorite nursery to see what was up and I could not resist purchasing the beautiful 'StarGazer' Oriental Lily...the potted plants were blooming so beautifully and the smell was divine. I purchased three of the plants, and this year they came back so nicely I think I will add more to my collection.
Fall is the perfect time to plant these from bulbs and most of the garden catalogs only ship the bulbs in October..this is a much more inexpensive way to go if you love this flower, so I will be placing my order soon.
The neat thing about raising these flowers for cutting is that if you pick them at the right stage they will give you several weeks of enjoyment in the vase. I've read that cutting them while the first two buds are swollen and colored, but not yet open you can enjoy them for a long time.
Oriental lilies usually are either pink or white, and bloom in the late summer, a great thing because when you enjoy the flower you can remind yourself to plant more soon! Asian lilies are more brightly colored, less aromatic, and smaller in size than the Orientals, but both make excellent cut flowers. If you plant both Asian lilies which bloom early in the season, and Oriental lilies which bloom in late summer, you can enjoy these flowers all summer long!


  1. I love those lilies. I just don't think they do well out here in California.

  2. We just planted a fully grown plant because it was in bloom and smelled divine and the color took our breath away. I can't wait for next summer's blooming and, having read your advice, may order bulbs and plant more. Any suggestions on winter protection or mulching?

  3. LPC...the 'Stargazer' Lily was actually developed by a woman in California so I think if I were you would look into it! I know of several bulb companies in that area that sell the bulbs, so they must do well (I would think!)
    California Girl...I just prepared the soil the same as I do for all my perennials..with compost and they did very well. I've read they don't like to much water and prefer a slightly acidic soil, but really, they are very easy to grow. When it is done flowering don't forget to cut the dead flowers off, but leave as much green stem as you can so the plant can continue to feed the bulb..

  4. Stargazer lily is my most favorite flower. About 12 years ago when we bought our house I went to a Home & Garden show and bought three bulbs. Only three. They multiplied and in a few years I had several. I LOVED them!

    Then one spring about ten years ago my husband planted ugly rhubarb that grows like a darn weed where my Stargazers were planted. They hadn't come up yet and he said he didn't know they were there. He dug up all the dirt and the lillies never came back. I'm still sort of mad about it. :)

    Time to go buy some more!