Saturday, June 14, 2014

Rescue Dogs

   Since my two girls have married and moved away  I have become quite involved in the local animal rescue. I've always wanted to give back in some way and animals have always been a passion for me. I now foster dogs as well as groom those who need it. This is my latest, a small 6 lb poodle named Penny Sue.

   Penny Sue came to the rescue when her living conditions were reported to the authorities. The owners wanted her back and threatened to sue the shelter. Quite an ethical dilemma. Who gets to makes these decisions? The shelter charges a hefty fee to reclaim a pet, and they added on vet bills and grooming bills so the owners could not afford to get her back. I guess that is one way!

   I have had Penny Sue over a month now, fostering her until she can find a permanent loving home. The problem is she is totally blind. I'm not sure if the rescue can even find a home for her so I'm settling in for the long run. She gets along fine with my three dogs, and she has bumped around our house long enough to find her way around.
  The best part about fostering this type of neglected pet is watched them blossom under good conditions. Penny Sue obviously had no idea how to be loved. I taught her how to trust being picked up. How to enjoy sitting on my lap and how to snuggle in bed. I smiled the first time I came home to find her at the door with my other dogs wagging her tail. Such progress! She barks with the other dogs, can find her food and water and makes snuggle noises. Oh if her old owners could see her now.
   The thing is. I don't know who benefits the most. Me or her!


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A little background

   Although we got a light dusting of snow last night I'm thinking of the promise that spring brings. Since I last updated my blog so much has changed in my life and in my yard! Just a catch up blog here.
   I have always loved animals and the outdoors. I grew up riding horses, keeping birds and fish, catching snakes and breeding mice. I was just born with a love of the outdoors and animals. As I got older and started thinking about college it never had occured to me to pursue this interest. This was the 70's, I thought my options were few..either become a teacher or secretary...perhaps a social worker.
  I failed miserably at college, dropping out three credits shy of graduating..not loving the social work path I had chosen. I just wasn't interested.
  Fast forward almost almost 35 years. I had spent my  wonderful life raising two beautiful daughters. I had (and still have ) a great husband who supports all of my interests. I decided to go to dog grooming school at age 53! What a blast! Four years later I own a successful small dog grooming shop and couldn't feel more fulfilled or satisfied. I named it Lucky Dog.
   So, that is where I am today. I do some boarding, lots of grooming and tons of dog loving. My girls are happily married. My husband and I live in the same house we bought shortly after our marriage in 1982. My shop is out behind the house. And that brings us up to today!