Monday, December 14, 2015

A plea for chaos

I am lucky to live near the  beach town of Saugatuck Michigan, a small artistic community on the shores of Lake Michigan. The community teems with Chicago urbanites in the summer, I suppose seeking respite for the bustle and heat of the big city. They bring with them culture, diversity and a feeling of abundance that I sometimes miss in my small midwest village just 20 miles away.

Although I love the area I call home, the desire for respectability and the bridling of appetites, warmed over puritanism and cautious minds can become tiring . I read about our ancestors,  those who first came and settled in this area with a strong faith that was almost harsh in its principles, naturally unfavorable to the fine arts and literature. This makes Saugatuck an oasis for those of us who crave ideas and art, nonconformity and intellectualism.

All off this comes to mind as I visited a few private gardens in Saugatuck today.

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