Friday, January 6, 2017

New Year

Dreaming and planning for the upcoming year is taking all of my energy! Mike and I are planning a bike ride across the United States! Yes!  A long time dream for both of us is now turning into reality. 

We've purchased Amtrak train tickets out of Grand Rapids MI on May 13, 2017. The Empire Builder will take us to Portland OR to begin our journey towards Virginia. We plan on taking our time doing this, in fact we are giving ourselves four months, which is a long time for a trip like this. 

I now have five months to prepare my body for this very physical adventure, and this is where I will document my progress. I need to  have a plan for weight loss, for physical stamina, and for the basic things we will need to carry on our bicycles.

My plan for weight lose is a low carb diet. I recently visited my doctor and she recommended this, a big surprise for me. This may be difficult as my husband is leaning towards a vegan diet, but we may just have to make this work. I have more of a weight problem than he does, and I have a lot to lose. 

For exercise, I am still torn. I have a gym membership but haven't gone in 8 months. It is 70 dollars a month and quite a drive away so I'm not sure I will keep it..still deciding.     This is the organization which inspires us so much!